Branicki Palace in Bialystok

Law School Study Abroad in Poland

MSU College of Law Institute for Comparative Law & Jurisprudence is a legal study abroad program for students of ABA law schools. The program takes place at University of Bialystok’s Faculty of Law, a top law school in Poland. Participants are exposed to cultural, historical and architectural treasures of Bialystok, long one of Poland’s key eastern centers of commerce, arts, and politics. Students earn ABA law school credits towards graduation while traveling to Europe and experiencing university life in Poland.

Great on Resumes and in Interviews – In an increasingly globalized world, international experience is as valuable as it has ever been. Our program presents an extraordinary educational opportunity for law students to study US-EU comparative law. Additionally, students will study foundations of the European Union and the legal theory of Rule of Law.

Truly International Learning Experience – Unlike most study abroad programs, we  integrates American law students with their European counterparts in a dynamic classroom setting. By including students from different educational backgrounds, all students will enrich their understanding of other legal systems and cultures. Courses are taught by professors from Law Schools in the US, Poland, and Lithuania. Students will experience Polish courtrooms, court proceedings, and government institutions.

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