Putin, Crimea, and the Fruits of Foreign Policy

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Putin, Crimea, and the Fruits of Foreign Policy

I have received a few questions on what the situation in Crimea means for the MSU Law summer program in Bialystok, Poland. First, while Poland borders Ukraine, the MSU Office of Study Abroad monitors world events closely. If the Russian invasion of Crimea causes further unrest in the region that might affect the program, OSA will notify us. There is currently little chance that the program will be affected.

Second, Sevastopol, Ukraine, is almost 1000 miles from Bialystok. It seems that the Russians will be focusing their attentions throughout eastern Ukraine for the time being, and it currently appears unlikely that Poland will be affected in the near term.

I will be in contact with OSA throughout the Spring semester and advise you of any changes. I personally believe that the chances of cancellation are extremely low, but if you are risk averse then I do recommend buying trip insurance with your tickets. I’ll keep monitoring the situation, and I also suggest that this is an opportunity to begin connecting with your Polish peers on the program Facebook page to get their impression of the Russian aggression in Crimea.